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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are the areas of expertise of World Sourcing Products?

World Sourcing Products specializes in the fields of textile, but we also study all requests that are related to areas of expertise that we find in India. For example, we have assist companies in their sourcing of handicrafts, furniture, agricultural products, processed foods. We study carefully each of your demands and are acting on it only if we can respond favourably and effectively.

What are the sourcing services offered by Sourcing Products World?

You can find the list of services offered by SWP by clicking on this  link.

How is SWP present in India?

In India, Sourcing World Products is officially represented by the company Five By Seven Pvt. Ltd. Delhi. Our on-site team consists of designers who assist us in developing your technical files, operations managers that spend major part of their time on the ground in mills and factories to maintain relationships with manufacturers, discover innovations, negotiate prices and audit factories. Our team also consists of quality controller whose only mission is to ensure the quality of products we deliver to our customers. In total, we are more than 15 people to ensure the success of your textile fabrication.

How can we ensure that SWP respect the confidentiality of our project?

Whenever we start a project, the first step is the signing of a confidentiality agreement that aims to protect your interests as much as ours. This agreement therefore protects all information that we make in your hands: technical files, information on the strategy of your company and any other information that you would share with us to make your sourcing operations successful. This agreement also allows us to protect our work and our network in India.

What is the price of using SWP services?

Prices are reviewed on a case by case basis depending on the nature of your project, the time we will spend on it, the services you need, etc. In every case we will send you a custom quote. For more information, please contact us.


What is the role of SWP in the manufacturing process of our products?

SWP has a database of qualified manufacturers located in Asia and particularly in India. When you get in touch with us, we will help you establish a comprehensive technical file for your product(s) to be understood by the manufacturers. We are then your single point of contact for the follow up your production – we take care of everything. Our Delhi office is responsible for centralizing all operations and follow up the delivery of compliant products in the quantities requested and on time.

What are the advantages to manufacture my products with SWP?

There are many advantages as:

  • We manage the barriers of language and culture.
  • We ensure you a smooth running of the operations.
  • We negotiate prices locally.
  • We organize the import / export operations and can handle the logistic aspect of your project at a very competitive price.
  • You benefit from our experience in textile fabrication.
  • We assist you in your product development, packaging and all fulfilment.

What are the guarantees offered by SWP?

Each manufacturing process is subject to a manufacturing contract incorporating all technical elements of your products SWP agrees to comply. The contract also includes confidentiality agreements, manufacturing steps, roles and responsibilities of the parties… This agreement will ensure you all the guarantees necessary for the successful manufacturing of your products.

Can SWP assist us in the sampling and prototyping of our products? What are the costs?

We do not start any manufacturing operation without having your approval on a sample that we would have developed for you. These prototypes will be used to verify the quality of product assembly, materials and accessories used … This prototype also allows us to have a working base for production quality control.

These prototypes have a variable cost depending on the nature of the product, material, technical implementation (preparation of a mould, developing a matrix, screens, etc). For a simple textile product, it takes on average 80 to 150 euros including worldwide shipping. Note that SWP makes no profit on these operations. The amount you pay is used to compensate the manufacturers associated with the development of your product.

For more information, please contact us.